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Obtain Your Copy of The Case for Consiliso: Medical Device Company in a Box

What is Consiliso and why do you need it? This 150-page introduction to Consiliso’s integrated business process approach, specifically architected for the Medical Device Industry, explains it all. Geared towards company leaders, this quick read provides many examples of how Consiliso transforms your whole business, from product quality to clinical trials to finance. Available in paperback or e-book from Amazon.


Consiliso: The Blueprint for Integrating Business Processes in Medical Device Companies

The definitive textbook for implementing Consiliso in your medical device company. Unlike other business improvement approaches, Consiliso provides you with more than just theory.


Coming soon—BLUEPRINT: Consiliso Subscription Services

In the coming months, Consiliso will launch “Consiliso Blueprint” a one-of-a-kind subscription service of real value to medical device companies. Inside this exclusive content zone, you will be able to:

  • Access the most current updates to the textbook.
  • Search our database of Laws, Regulations, Guidance and Standards to define your external requirements.
  • Contact professionals and companies in the Medical Device field to further assist you.
  • Download sample policy, process (including maps) and procedure documents.
  • Explore the Consiliso-configured Agile PLM environment to see the architecture in action.

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